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Roof Cleaning Andover

We offer conservatory roof cleaning throughout Wiltshire and Hampshire. You don’t always notice the build up of dirt and moss but over time your conservatory, especially the roof, will loose that clean and fresh look.  The framework will no longer stand out and the panels will reduce how much light they let into your conservatory.

This is about the time it’s worth giving us a call and letting us transform your conservatory. We use purified water delivered through a special water fed brush to safely clean your conservatory roof. We feel this is the best way to clean the conservatory roof and it affords you the following benefits:

  • Specialised brush and bristles clean all the intricate areas in between framework and panels for the more thorough clean.
  • No requirement to climb onto the conservatory eliminating risk of damage.
  • No chemicals are required which preserves the finish of the various materials used.
  • Cleaning time is reduced meaning we charge you less than if we cleaned using traditional methods.

What to Expect

With our conservatory cleaning services we typically include the cleaning of the conservatory sides within the price of your regular window cleaning which works out really cost effective. When we clean the conservatory sides we always clean right up to and including the gutter too. This way the whole side profile is clean and fresh to look at.

We will usually charge a separate amount to clean the roof. This is because the roof will only be cleaned 2-3 three times a year in most cases.

We can quote, however, for any combination of cleaning you require.

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